Diet Cocktails

Cocktails can be more than just alcoholic, sweet and caloric.

They can be good for your figure!

Provide the body with the essentials

Together, they not only make you feel satiated but also provide your body with the essentials.

Due to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, diet shakes are excellent for both forming a healthy menu and as nutritious snacks for children and adults.

Celery cocktail

Celery is a source of useful vitamins that are indispensable for weight loss. You can start the day with such a treat to feel cheerful and light.

Ingredients: Two hundred grams of celery (stalks only), two medium apples, juice of half a lime, one hundred grams of water, half a glass of ice.

Green fresh

Another good ingredient for vegetable cocktails is spinach. It can be used both fresh and frozen. A small green apple, celery, and a banana can also be added to a spinach smoothie for sweetness. It is not difficult to prepare diet shakes for weight loss at home.

Ingredients: a bunch of greens that you like, such as spinach, parsley, basil, cilantro, sorrel, and so on. You also need to take an unripe banana and a glass of fresh tangerine juice.

Cocktail with carrots and orange

Easy to prepare and full of vitamins! This cocktail will not only cheer you up, but will also help you keep your figure toned and boost your immune system.

Ingredients: two carrots, two oranges, a tablespoon of grated ginger.

Squeeze the juice from the vegetables, add the rest of the ingredients and whisk in a blender.

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